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Enter the provider number for your facility or branch and click "Go" to perform a lookup.

  1. This number is the 6-digit Medicare provider identification for your facility. The first two digits identify the state in which the provider is located. The last four digits identify the type of facility, i.e., home health.
    If you are registering as a branch, the identification number is a ten-digit alpha-numeric (e.g., ##Q####001). Each branch is numbered with the same provider identification number as described above, the parent company.

    This number has two differences:
    • the first is the letter “Q” which appears in the third position between the state code and the 4-digit provider designation.
    • the second are the three additional digits that are added to the end of the number. These digits are sequential assignments correlating to the number of branches that the provider may have.
      • the three additional digits range from 001-999.